Cycad Tree - 29cm high


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CollectA Cycad tree - CO89332

The name Sylvanian Families comes from the world Sylvan, which means "living in the woods" or "forest"

Then doesn't it mean Sylvanian Families should have plenty of trees surrounding these adorable woodland folk? Yes! And we have found just the trees for your woodland scenes! Collecta brand trees which, as you will see by the images we have set up for you, will help create the perfect imaginative leafy village for you Sylvanian world.

Here is the Collect Cycad tree. Tall and imposing at 29cm height. The Cycad tree is a member of the plant family and resemble a palm tree or a fern tree in looks (I thought it was a date palm when I first took it out of the box) What a gorgeous tree. It will tower in your Sylvanian village, in the way that palm trees should and add a distinct tropical feel.  Wouldn't this be perfect to add to a Sylvanian seaside village... or any Sylvanian garden for that matter. 

Other suggestions for this tree. The Cycad tree is sometimes referred to as the "Dinosaur tree" perfect to add to prehistoric diorama alongside dinosaurs or any tropical, subtropical type scene where trees of this height are required. 


Approximately 21 cm width at widest point (measuring the palm fronds)

29cm in height. 

My personal review on this Cycad tree.

The Collecta Cycad stands on a solid base and would be an ideal sturdy tree to add to a play area as it won't topple over as easy as some other trees might.  It's very easy to put together. Comes with a trunk and 3 palm frond pieces which clip into each other, which are absolutely the simplest to assemble. I love the lush dark green of the leaves which seem extremely well made and durable. The trunk of the Cycad tree is fantastic too with a lot of detail and texture. The base is made to appear like it is sitting on a sandy area, with some tree roots visible, all adding to the realistic effect. This tree is such a great specimen that when Sylvanian play is over it actually would look quite nice as a decoration in the home! Now, i'm sure I've talked you into it, haven't I?

Overall: We love the look of this tree and can highly recommend it. 

Suitable for age 3+

Sylvanian figures and items in photographs are not included, but are for illustrative purposes only.

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