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Crate of Pumpkins - Miniature


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Crate of Pumpkins - this is a dollhouse 1:12 scale miniature accessory.

The wooden crate is crafted in a vintage style and is filled with miniature "pumpkins" Note that these pumpkins are actually seed pods that have been painted. They make great little pumpkins. The crate is filled with raffia paper to give a "straw" effect. 

Measurements:  Crate approximately 3.5 x 4 cm. Each pumpkin is individual but measure between 1 cm diameter to approx 2.5 cm diameter. 

This sale is for 1 x miniature crate filled with seedpod "pumpkins"

Made of wood and seedpods with raffia paper.

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Other items seen in images are not included but are for styling purposes only, but many of them can be found in store. 

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This is not a intended to be a toy. Recommended for adult miniature enthusiasts as a display item in a diorama or miniature scene.

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