Croissants x 4 - Miniature


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Croissants x 4 - 1:12 sale dollhouse miniature accessory and is not edible. This is artificial food designed as an accessory for a Dollhouse miniature scene.

We can never have enough treats to place in a Miniature scene, can we? Here are some tiny croissants which would look great on a serving plate, at a high tea, in a French-themed cafe or scene.

  • 4 x miniature croissants
  • Each measures approx 1 cm in length

Age 14+ Note that this is not designed as a toy but is recommended as a display item only for adult miniature enthusiasts.

Non-edible. Handle with care around small children, as they do look good enough to eat!

Others items seen in images are not included, but many of these items in the background can be found for sale in store also, depending on availability at the time. 

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