Sylvanian FAmiles Rabbit and Easter treats crate

Easter Crate with 5 Golden Eggs and Mini-figure

Handmade Miniature

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Easter Crate with 5 Golden Eggs and Rabbit Mini-figure


Here's a fun little Easter crate with a Sylvanian touch to it. The crate is wooden and hand-decorated with "Happy Easter". 5 little golden eggs lie on a nest of green filling and one Sylvanian mini-figure is included in the basket. 

There Sylvanian mini-figures are about 2 cm high and are a miniature replica of a Sylvanian rabbit. 

The eggs can be removed from the crate, so when Easter is over you can find many other uses for the crate too.

What's included in this set?

1 x Sylvanian minifigure (2 cm high)

5 x gold-coloured miniature eggs

1 x wooden crate with filling.


Measurements: Crate measures 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm. Eggs measure approximately 0.5cm each and mini-figure measures approximately 2.5 cm high.

Age 3+

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