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Ginkgo Tree - 25cm high


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Collecta Ginkgo Biloba Tree - CO89329 

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Did you know that Sylvanian Families comes from the word "Sylvan" which means "woodland dwellers", or "of the forest."  That's why we thought we had better introduce a line of trees which would be perfect for any village or scene. 

Don't you love the look of this Collecta brand Ginkgo Biloba tree. 24cm high and full of leafy branches. There are more than 20 individual branches on the tree and each branch comes with their own sheaf of leaves. Leaves are attached to the end of the branch to create a tree that is lush and green! This is a high quality product.


25cm high.

Colour: a medium to dark green. The tree trunk has a gnarled look and is brown.

My own personal review: This is just the kind of tree I would have imagined for a Sylvanian woodland theme. It's beautifully made, good quality and has a  realistic colour and texture to the leaves and the trunk. Of all the Collecta trees in store this definitely is the fullest and leafiest. More than 20 leaf clusters to be placed on branches, so Mum's help was definitely needed there. Also during play some of the leaf clusters can fall off the branches, so if little ones are playing with it, it might be an idea to glue the leaf clusters on so they can't be knocked off constantly.  The base is quite small for such a lot of greenery, so maybe a little blue-tack under the base could help. But it's a stunner of a tree! 

Overall review: A magical tree! Love the gnarled old trunk!  Would look perfect in any Sylvanian village. Keeping it up right during play can be a challenge, but this can be easily overcome. The box says suitable for age 3+, but I would recommend age 4+

 Suitable for age 4+ 

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I've added in some images taken using Sylvanian Families items and accessories to show how fabulous this tree looks in a Sylvanian Families scene. The Figures and items are not included.

This sale includes - 1 x Ginkgo Biloba Collecta branded tree.

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Some more information from the supplier:

  • Add realism to your dinosaur collection with this 10'' Ginkgo Biloba Tree from CollectA's Prehistoric Life Collection
  • Often called a ''living fossil,'' the Ginkgoo Biloba first appeared in the Early Jurassic and has changed very little since then
  • Each figure of Collecta's Prehistoric Life Collection has been approved by archeologist Anthony Beeson, a well-respected expert in paleoimagery
  • Create a natural world in miniature with high quality toy animal replicas from CollectA
  • All CollectA models are crafted to the highest standards and made with high quality, safe, phthalate-free, lead-free materials

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