Dollhouse miniature shabby chic Easter glass cloche easter eggs

Glass Cloche with miniature Easter meringues x 2

Handmade Miniature

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Glass Cloche with 2 x Easter decorated meringues  

 This is an absolutely exquisite little Easter treats set. The cloche is made of glass. The 2 meringues are handmade by miniature artist, Jess, from Queensland. Each meringue is topped with three tiny easter eggs. Beautiful. 

The glass cloche handle can lift up and the base can be used alone as a glass plate. As you'll see by images, the glass cloche is a little on the bigger side for 1:12 scale (for Sylvanian figures).

Measurements: The glass cloche is 3cm diameter and 4 cm high (measured from the table to the tip) Meringues are 1 cm in diameter.

Note that the cloche is clear glass (not coloured, although it may appear to be coloured glass in some images, due to reflecting the surrounding items)

In this purchase you will receive 1 glass cloche (with removeable lid) and 2 x handmade miniature meringues topped with 3 eggs 

This is a beautiful little set and no doubt you could find many ways to display this cloche and meringues.

As with all individually handmade items, there may be slight variations and no two will be absolutely identical.

No figures or other furniture or display accessories are included, but we do have plenty of Sylvanian Families figures available in store for separate purchase. Other items seen in images are only to help display and demonstrate this item in a Sylvanian Families setting. The pink shabby chic items have been handmade in store. If you are interested in placing an order for these, please do contact us to enquire about the possibility. 

This is designed to be a display item only for collectors of miniatures and is not intended to be a play item. Not suitable for children. 

Non edible.  Please handle with care as this is made of fine glass.

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