Glass Dome with Brass base - Style 2 - Miniature

Glass Dome with Brass base - Style 2 - Miniature


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Glass Dome with Brass Base - Style 2 -   This is a Dollhouse Miniature accessory (recommended for adult miniature enthusiasts, not for children)

Add some style to your mantle-piece. This would also look lovely placed on a bedside table, in a living room, on the dressing table or could add style to any miniature room. The Glass Dome lifts up and tiny ornaments or objects could be placed inside the dome.

This sale is for 1 x Glass dome jar with base. 

Measurements: 3 cm high, 2 cm wide. Glass dome lifts off. There is a small cap which can be placed on top of the dome. This is not attached, just sitting there, but if you choose to, you can add a small dab of glue to fix the cap in place. 

You could place other items inside this cloche. Some examples of items in store that would fit: Tiny alarm clocks (see our Clock Miniatures) or an antique-style bell or mini Christmas tree (visit the Miniature Home Decor section)

This is not designed to be a toy, but is a miniature collectible, suitable for adult collector's.

Made of glass and metal.

This is a Non-branded item

Figures and other accessories are not included and are only in photographs to give an idea of size and how this item can be displayed,  but many of these are available in our Miniatures collection

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