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GRASS TUFTS - Dark Green - Adhesive clumps to add to dioramas

Javis Scenics

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Miniature Grass Tufts - Realistic looking grass clump to add to miniature dioramas. 

These grass clumps are dark green.

These are great to add to dioramas to give it a realistic effect.

  • Ideal for diorama scenery
  • 40 Tufts, each strip of 10 is 13.5cm
  • 10mm high
  • Self - adhesive
  • You will receive one sheet of 40 tufts in this sale. 
Tufts of grass fibres appoximately 1 cm high. They are peeled from the backing paper with tweezers and applied directly to models. There are various sizes of tufts in each pack. 
Although they are self adhesive, a little glue may be required to apply to some surfaces. Suitable for just about any model making project.
Please note that there may be some shedding of grass fibres in the pack. 

1 sheet will give you plenty to place around your Sylvanian garden, on pavements, against a building edge etc.  So easy to use. Just peel off like a sticker and place where you wish in your diorama. They're easy to remove if you wish to place them elsewhere in the diorama later.

 See images which show how the grass tufts can be used in a Sylvanian Families diorama. I'm sure you can come up with many creative uses for them, add to a garden scene, alongside houses, fences, telephone boxes etc. You'll have lots of fun with these. You can also make a great path edging using these. 

Please note that other figures, accessories and items displayed in images are not included, but are only used to help give an idea of size in comparison to Sylvanian Families.

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This is not designed to be a children's toy, but rather a collector's item. Suitable for adult collector's, diorama's etc.

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