Sylvanian Families mini fried kfc chicken

KFC Bucket of Chicken - Miniature


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A miniature Bucket of Fried Chicken (a dollshouse miniature item)

Just new in store! Do Sylvanians need a fast food treat every now and then? Well, here it is. We have a new selection of mini fast food items in store. 

This is tiny bucket of fried chicken.

Measurements 2 cm diameter. 2.5 cm height.  Tiny pieces are fixed in the container and not intended to be removed.

Not made to be a toy, but recommended as a collector's miniature item

Sylvanian Families accessories and figures are not included, but are only photographed alongside with the intention of showing size comparison.

Please note this is not designed to be a toy. It would be ideal to add to a Sylvanian Families diorama or scene.

Not suitable for young children. While this is a sturdily handmade item, it may break if dropped. It has a similar consistency to a ceramic item.

As this item is hand made, each item is unique and there may be very slight differences from the photograph image, but will still retain it's high quality and uniqueness.


1 x bucket of chicken (non-edible) Items are fixed and cannot be removed or rearranged.

Non-branded item. Handmade from polymer clay. Similar to a ceramic item.

No figures included.

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