L'il Woodzeez Camping Set with Squirrel

L'il Woodzeez

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L'il Woodzeez Camping Set with Squirrel

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 Being a Boy Scout means being prepared and this L'il Woodzeez Camper squirrel is prepared for many adventures with all hiswonderful accessories. Camping has never benn more fun!

Camping Playset Features 17 pieces.

1 squirrel character, 1 outfit, 1 hat, 1 sleeping bag, 1 camp fire, 1 campfire pit, 1 campfire grill, 2 firepit posts, 1 stick, 1 kettle, 1 pot, 1 fish skewer, 1 stick with marshmallows, 1 shish kabob, 1 cup, 1 map.

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