L'il Woodzeez Dalmatian Dog Family

L'il Woodzeez Dalmatian Family

L'il Woodzeez

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L'il Woodzeez Dalmatian Family - Now In store!

REDUCED PRICE  - Although this is a brand new item, and comes factory sealed as new, there is a very slight spot above the Mother Dalmatians ear. Hardly noticeable, but we are discounting this lovely family anyway.

The Woofwinkle Dog Family
with Storybook


A family of 4 characters: father Toby, mother Molly and children Ruby and Patch. "Li’l Luvs & Hugs Nursery" storybook featuring the Woofwinkles

"Li’l Luvs & Hugs Nursery"—Storybook Summary

It’s a special day at Li’l Luvs & Hugs Nursery. That’s where the Woofwinkle family, Toby and Molly, and their kids, Ruby and Patch, care for many youngsters in Honeysuckle Hollow. Today, some of their friends have joined Ruby and Patch to wait for a special delivery. But when it finally arrives, it seems even more waiting is in store for the children before they can enjoy the surprise.

Then a wonderful idea transforms disappointment into an opportunity for the little woodland friends to create their own fun activity!

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