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L'il Woodzeez - Frog Family

L'il Woodzeez

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The L'il Woodzeez Frog Family - The Croakalily Frog Family. 

Adorable Woodzeez Frogs now available 

When Honeysuckle Hollow Pond floods their home, the Croakalily frog family must build a new one. This means they’ll have to cancel their camping trip. Or will they? While Libby and Rob Croakalily and their kids, Hip and Hop, plan the location and look of their new cottage, their woodland friends are making plans of their own. What if they band together and try to help out? Do they know their frog neighbors well enough to succeed?

The Cottage Crew Saves the Day. This set includes: A Lil Woodzeez family of 4 characters 

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