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Collecta Log Fence 

A Sylvanian Families scene definitely needs a fence, doesn't it? Well, look no further. This Collect branded Corral fence would look perfect in any Sylvanian Families set up, on the play table, on the floor. Whether you need a fence for your Sylvanian cottage garden or maybe a fence for safety at the Sylvanian Country Treehouse School this would be a great addition.

CollectA 89463 Farm Pasture Log Fence Set Scale Model - 8 Panels

Dimensions: Each panel is 18cm long x 6.5cm tall. The total length of the 8 panels once placed together is approximately 1.44 metres, so you have a lot of fencing here, nearly 1 and a half metres of fencing!

The fence is hand painted with superb detail. A beautifully detailed replica of a log fence. 

This fence is very versatile. It can be placed in a circle or a square shape. The 8 fence panels can come apart, so it's possible to separate the fence into two parts, if required for your play scene. 

Inspire your children's imagination with these lifelike figurines especially designed for small hands.
Finely detailed and hand painted.

This replica is manufactured from a high quality, non-toxic Plastic that passes the quality standards for the Australian/NZ toy industry as well as that of USA and Europe.

My personal review of this fence:

The children loved this as soon as they saw it. It's beautifully made and feels solid and durable, which is important when it's for children's play. This will stand up to a lot. The logs are quite thick and have a certain amount of play when bending them. The logs have a very realistic texture, just like rough logs and fence rails. This would be great for any 1:12 scale diorama. The log fence panels are clipped together very easily, and stay well-clipped durinig play. The entire 1.4 m fencing would fit around a Sylvanian Cosy Cottage, but not completely around a Beechwood Hall, for example. Overall review: Well made. Looks great and definitely made to last!

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