Miniature dollshouse macaroons for Syvlanian Families

Miniature Macaroons - a mini boxful of 8


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A miniature boxful of 8 various coloured macaroons

Oh, what a treat for your Sylvanians! If you love these colourful confectionary, I'm sure your Sylvanians will adore them too!

These mini macaroons are so realistic looking. There are 8 pastel coloured tiny little macaroons and they come in a little slide out box, just as though you were buying them from a French patisserie. Each macaroon is individual and can be removed and placed on a plate or piled up to serve at your next high tea. 

Made from polymer clay, you will be amazed at the tiny detail involved in these food items. As items are all handmade and hand-painted, there may be very minor variations in each item, colouring, size and shape, from each other and from the images depicted. This is due to each item being individually handcrafted, but be assured that you will receive an item of the highest quality and these are simply adorable.

Measurements: Box measures 2 cm x 1 cm

Each individual macaroon measures approximately 0.5cm in diameter.


1 x slide-out cardboard box

8 x various coloured miniature macaroons (colours of macaroons may vary slightly from image shown, but each set contains 8 different pretty coloured macaroons)

Other figures and items in images are not included in this sale, but are in images simply to depict how this item compares in size to Sylvanian Families figures and accessories. 

Not Suitable for children due to tiny pieces.

Please note, that this item is not intended to be a toy and is not recommended as such. It is more ideal as a Sylvanian Families diorama or scenery set up, or for collector's.


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