Nanny Timbertop and Baby Timothy - 1993

Nanny Timbertop and Baby Timothy - 1993

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Immaculate! As New.

Nanny Timbertop was as released in 1993, with baby Timothy and a pram.

Tomy UK Original Edition. I am placing this item in the Vintage Pre-owned section, due to not being 100% certain, but this item appears to be as New in box. The cellotape sealing the box has a very aged appearance and appear that it may have been opened at some point. But the item is in immaculate condition and it would be very rare to find a Nanny Timbertop vintage of this era in such pristine condition.

1993 release.

Rare collectible.

Set Includes 2 figures. Nanny Timbertop Brown bear. Baby Timothy Babblebrook rabbit, vintage pram.

Photos are stock images, added in for illustration.

Exterior of the box has very slight aging, as does the bottom of Nanny Timbertop's apron. The white has a very slight aged look in a very small area. This is barely noticeable, but is mentioned for accuracy.

Still has 1993 price tag on it.