Noah’s Ark - Miniature

Noah’s Ark - Miniature

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Noah’s Ark with animals and figures - a miniature toy item for adding to a dollhouse scene. This is the perfect size to be a "toy size" for 1:12 scale miniature figures. See images of this beside a Sylvanian figure for an idea of size. 

I searched high and low to find a miniature Noah’s Ark scene… and finally found one. It’s absolutely delightful!

This includes an ark with a little house that sits on top of the ark. The house can be removed and placed in a scene separately and is lovely just on its own. 
There are 4 tiny figures (and they really are tiny) - about 1 cm high

This set includes 9 pairs of tiny animals (18 in total) - they vary between approx 0.5 to 1 cm height

A little ramp up to the ark that is detachable. 

Note that this is made of resin and is not suitable for children’s play, but is intended for use by adult Collectors of miniatures only. This could break if not handled carefully.

Please note this is a miniature, not a toy

Approximately 3.5 cm length

You will receive: 1 set of Noah’s Ark with tiny figurines and animals

Made of resin

A Town Square miniature item

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No figures included and other accessories seen in the images may be available in store (depending on stock availability at the time) Ruler is not included but is in images to show measurements only.

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This item is not designed to be a play item, but is ideal for a collector to add to a miniature scene.

Other items, figures and accessories seen in pictures are not included, but are to demonstrate the use and size of this is a Sylvanian Families scene. We do have many other Sylvanian Families items and miniature accessories in store which you may like to see...

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