Parcels and Sylvanian Minifigure in crate - Choose your city or state

Parcels and Sylvanian Minifigure in crate - Choose your city or state


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 A miniature crate with two parcels and a mini Sylvanian figure. This cute little set comes in a crate...  you can choose which state or capital city you would like on it. 

Ideal miniature size for Sylvanian Families figures or Christmas Elves

Express to Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne or Sydney. Or Express to South Australia, NSW, Victoria, etc. Choose from the drop down box selection at the right. 

These are our store's own original design and are proudly handmade here at Sylvanian Specialty Store, in regional Queensland.

What does this set contents include?

1 x crate as selected (the crate measures 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 0.07cm approximately)

2 tiny wrapped with string parcels

1 x Sylvanian minifigure which measures approximately 2.5 cm high. These are genuine Sylvanian miniature figures, made of plastic (not flocked) 

Ideal for your Christmas house elf or for Sylvanian Families figures. This cute little set comes with 4 Elf reports (with gaps for you to fill in the name and tick which box.... naughty or nice)  These can be placed in the box marked naughty or the box marked nice. 

And if you need more than 4 elf reports, you can purchase them here.... MORE ELF REPORTS 

Please note that items are not really sent via express post, but will be sent via our usual $9.90 store Flat rate Standard post. 


Age 3+

Crate and parcels are made of wood, paper and string. 

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