Picnic Basket and Mystery Picnic Surprise - a basket full of goodies

Picnic Basket and Mystery Picnic Surprise - a basket full of goodies

Miniature Mystery Surprise Pack

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We've put together a fun Mystery Picnic Pack for you..... and we're not telling you what's inside. That's the surprise. 

Here's one gorgeous picnic basket, full of goodies. I can't tell you what's inside (that would ruin the fun, but you can be sure you'll love it!)

What's included in this mystery?

There's 1 x woven basket

1 x picnic rug (as seen in image)

Inside the basket there are miniature dollshouse food items, both sweet and savoury.

Something to drink

Some fun

and some more fun..... That's all I can tell you!

Sorry, but the Sylvanian figure is not included in this sale, but placed to demonstrate size.

You'll have to find out. 

All items can be removed from the basket and placed individually elsewhere in dioramas after that. Maybe your picnic basket can be storage for Sylvanian clothes etc. So many ideas!

The price on this item is $24.90, which covers the cost of all items in the basket. If the items were sold individually they would cost more than this, so a good discount has been given on purchasing them as a "mystery pack"  Most of the items included are not listed on our store website (except one) but are carefully chosen items for this fun pack. 

No figure included, but we do have plenty in store if you are looking for Sylvanian Families figures.

Please note that all items included are miniature dollshouse accessory items in 1:12 scale.

If you want to add some more treats, there are plenty in our Miniature Food accessories collection:

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Not made to be a toy, but recommended as a collector's miniature item

Please note this is not designed to be a toy. It would be ideal to add to a Sylvanian Families diorama or scene.

This is not a Sylvanian Families items, but each item is hand made individually. 

 Other Sylvanian Families figures and items shown in images are not included, but are to demonstrate how this miniature item looks alongside Sylvanian Families. 

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