Post Office - Tomy - 1992

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Original Vintage Post Office - Vintage Preowned items

Complete Set.

The Post Office was first released into the UK range of Sylvanian Families in 1992 by Tomy.  It came with an exclusive figure, Samuel Stamp, who was the village postman.  It comes with a postbox, some letters, a counter, cash register, telephone to be attached to the wall and a cardboard cut out background.

This is the original first release 1992 vintage Sylvanian Post Office

This item has been previously owned by a collector, opened and displayed. The stickers have been removed from their sheet and placed on the building to decorate it.

The Post Office is in as new condition. All stickers and signs are excellent

Original unused postcards, which are removed from their original inserts are included.

Sam Stamp mouse figure in uniform with satchel bag is included, in mint condition.

This set is complete as first sold.  Only the plastic box insert packaging the holds Sam Stamp the Postman in the window of the box is absent.  All items have been placed in a plastic package to keep them together (as seen in photographs which are a part of the description)

The box is in excellent condition. One small sticker tear on side of box, where a sticker has obviously been removed (see photographs as part of the description)

UK release - Tomy - 1992

Collectible - Rare Item - Hard to Find.

Suitable for age 3+