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Sewing Shop accessories Bundle


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Miniature Sewing Shop accessories. I had great fun setting up this little Fabric Shop scene to demonstrate how these lovely sewing shop miniatures can be placed.

There are 6 items in this lovely little bundle.  Make your own craft shop, sewing shop, haberdashery, handicraft shop, or wherever your imagination takes you. 

There are teeny boxes of ribbons, cotton reels, two bolts of floral fabric and sewing accessories in this set, making a colourful and realistic display. 

 All items such as reels, ribbons, scissors etc are fixed into the boxes and are not intended to be removed, but are "display" items in your scene.

Please note that these are not intended to be used as a toy. 

Contents of this set are:
1 x box of cotton reels
1 x box of ribbons
1 x box of threads and other sewing accessories
2 x bolts of fabric on card.
Please note that Sylvanian figures, building and furniture and other background accessories in the pictures are not included but are used to demonstrate this product and show size in comparison in a Sylvanian Families scene.
Keep an eye out for more diorama creating bundles like this in the near future. When available these will  be found in our Miniatures collection

Not suitable for children
This item is suited to adult collector's
No figures, furniture or building included. Sign is not included (but it's very easy to make your own) See image which indicates all contents of this sale. 

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