Sylvanian Families Kabaya music piano miniffigure Japan

Sylvanian Families Kabaya Piano with mini-figure


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Sylvanian Families Kabaya Piano with mini-figure - RARE and Collectible

Please note that these are very small - Figure is about 2 to 3 cm high. They are ideally sized to be toys for the regular sized Sylvanian Families Figure. Full size Sylvanian bear is not included in the sale and is only in the image to show a size comparison.

This is a pre-owned kabaya set, not complete, but was part of a miniature School Series of minifigures around 15 years ago. 

This set includes:

1 x miniature piano (about 2cm high)

1 x piano stool

1 x minifigure

1 x music stand

1 x cardboard mat

Condition: Preowned excellent condition. No box.

Highly Collectible.

What are Sylvanian Families Kabaya sets? A little history:

The Sylvanian Families Miniature series are a miniature version of Sylvanian Families sets.  They are usually around 1/64 scale and are ideally sized as toys for the Sylvanian Families. They are highly collectible in their own right.  These are usually only released in Japan and will often come with a set of miniature Sylvanian houses or shops and mini-figures and a piece of candy.  You can find them in the snack aisle at Japanese grocery stores. Each series is only released for a limited very limited time and then will be replaced by another series, making them true collector's pieces and often very sought after. 

These are Minifigures and mini buildings (the height of the figures in the set is around 1.5cm to 2cm high) The image below is not from this set, but the image is to illustrate the size of mini-figures in comparison to a regular Sylvanian Families figure.

Sylvanian Families miniseries gashapon kabaya figures 1/64

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Age 4+ due to multiple small pieces

Highly collectible. 


Please note this is a genuine and original Sylvanian Families Japanese released limited 

Exclusively released in Japan.

Please note that full-sized Sylvanian Families rabbit, nor cow figure and mini-figures in the size comparison image are not included in this sale, but these images are for the the purpose of showing the size in relation to a full-sized Sylvanian figure. 

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