Sylvanian Families Guinea Pig Family - Brand new - Rare

Sylvanian Families Guinea Pig Family - Brand new - Rare

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Guinea Pig Family - Brand new - Rare - SF 4146

The Pettyfur Guinea Pig family were an exclusive release to the UK in 2007 making them hard to find here in Australia.

This is a brand new set, but please read the description below of a very slight defect with one figure.

A biography of the Pettyfur family:

Peter Pettyfur is a great ideas man when it comes to saving money. “Turn the lights out and the TV off when you leave the room.” “You only need four inches of bath water.” and “Turn the radiators down; if you're cold put on a jumper. ” are just a few of his better ideas!

Penny Pettyfur is a very caring person who sorts out everyone's problems. She has time for all, but no time for silly ideas or arguments, so she agrees with her husband, Peter's, latest wonder plan with a wink and a smile to her children!

Andrew Pettyfur is the hardworking member of the family; he has to be because he aims to keep the peace by implementing his father's money saving ideas. His worst job is washing up as soon as the meal is finished, before what's left on the plates begins to stick and saves on washing up liquid!

Nicola Pettyfur is the 'saleswoman' of the family which is why she loves her father, Peter's ideas...she sells them to her friends in the school playground. “Give me 50p and I'll tell you how to save £8.75 a year,” gets them everytime!

This gorgeous little family are hard to find and especially to find them brand new.

One point to note is that there is a slight mark on Mother Guinea pigs ear. See image below. It is not a scratch, but is more of an uneven small area in the flocking and  this is possibly a slight manufacturing error, as all figures are firmly fastened in their original bands and staple into the box. This is sold with this minor defect included. Everyone else is in perfect brand new condition and it is very hard to find this set brand new. 

Brand new sealed in box. Box is in excellent condition. Has been opened to check contents and resealed.

Flair UK - 2007 - UK exclusively released.

Age 3+ recommended.


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