Sylvanian Families Aquabeads Art Set - Refill Theme

Sylvanian Families Japanese range

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Sylvanian Families Aquabeads Set  - Refill Theme - This particular set is now discontined and quite hard to find.

Have you ever tried Aquabead Art, Sylvanian-style? This is a genuine Sylvanian Families branded product and is designed as an extra item for someone who already has their own Aquabeads starter kit.

Please note that you will require your own Aquabead Art starter equipment, such as Spray nozzle, Layout Tray etc. These items are not included in this set. Without the starter kit you will be unable to use this set. This is a Refill Theme set only

5 Sylvanian Families template sheets included in this set

  • About 900 beads in 6 different colours
  • Includes five Sylvanian Families themed template sheets.
  • Does NOT incude Layout Tray and Sprayer 

Below is an image of what the finished product should resemble. (4 Sylvanian figures and some smaller items.

Sylvanian Families Aquabeads art

This is a Sylvanian Families Aquabeads Japanese product and comes in Japanese packaging.

Please note that instructions are in Japanese.

Before purchasing, if you have any queries about this product, or questions about whether this product is suitable for you please do not hesitate to use the Contact Us button below. We are happy to help.

Suitable for age 6+

Discontinued set - this particular Refill Theme is now no longer in production and quite hard to find.

Condition: Brand new

Box: There is some signs of age-wear on the box, also the cellotape sealing the box is a little discoloured. 

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