Sylvanian Families baby Carole and playpen European 2105

Sylvanian Families Baby Carole Bearbury and Playpen Set - RARE

Sylvanian Families Brand New - RARE

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Sylvanian Families Baby Carole and Playpen set. - Ref: 2105

This was a European released Sylvanian Families around 2004. The Bearbury Bear family (grey bears with a white nose) were mostly released as a Figure with accessories (rather than as a full family). Some of the Bearbury Family are more well known (such as Olive and Stan Bearbury the bus conductors) but some of the European only released sets are less known, and now very hard to find. 

Here we have Baby Carole Bearbury and her playpen, brand new. I love that pink bunny rabbit she has! It's almost the same height as her! Besides her playpen, there is plenty to interest baby Carole, such as a trumpet, a colourful xylophone, a rattle and a bottle.

Condition: Brand new

Box: immaculate

Very collectible. Rare set

Sylvanian Families Epoch European packaging - Ref 2105

Suitable for age 4+ due to multiple small accessories

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