Sylvanian Families Baby Shopping Series Blind Bag (a mystery bag x 1)

Sylvanian Families

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1 x Randomly chosen Sylvanian Families Baby Shopping Series Blind Bag
Sylvanian Families Blind Bags, or Mystery Packs, as they are also known, contain a secret Sylvanian baby and shopping accessory. Collect all 9 to create your very own baby shopping set.
Sylvanian Families Baby Shopping Series Blind bags

Baby Shopping Series Blind Bags - Mystery Packs [Series 2]

Everyone in Sylvania loves surprises, and that’s just what you’ll get from the Baby Shopping Series of Blind Bags! These colourful mystery packs each contain a baby figure, and a shopping accessory. The mystery is that you won’t know which one you’ve got until you have opened the pack to reveal who is inside!

And there's an extra mystery in this set too - one secret figure - you will find out who it is if you're lucky enough to receive this one!

There are 9 different sets in this series to collect, swap and trade with your friends to complete your entire baby shopping series:

(in this sale you will receive one randomly chosen bag containing 1 of the following:)

1. Chocolate Rabbit Baby with Bread
 2. Deer Baby with Shopping Trolley
3. Panda Baby with Popcorn
4. Koala Baby with Shopping Bag
5. Polar Bear Baby with Ice Cream
6. Milk Rabbit Baby with Eggs and Juice
7. Tuxedo Cat Baby with Shopping Trolley
8. Silk Cat Baby with Cash Register
9. or the mystery baby figure with shopping accessory
And you won't know which of the above figures you will receive until you open it - enjoy the mystery!

You can also choose your own figure, or buy all 9 at once

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One supplied. Each blind bag contains one baby figure and one miniature instrument.
These blind bags come  sealed, and it is impossible to tell which Baby Band figure it contains, therefore this purchases is for 1 x Mystery Figure and you will receive one randomly chosen Baby Band figure from the series

Sylvanian BAby Shopping series figure mystery bag

This Baby Shopping blind bag will come in a sealed bag as seen in the image. You will not know which Sylvanian Families baby shopping figure you have received until you open it. 

Please note, if ordering more than one bag, as these are randomly selected, there is a possibility that you may receive double ups, as we do not know what comes inside each bag as it is sealed. Double ups cannot be returned or refunded,as this is part of the random selection. You are welcome to choose from our select your own collection, where you will receive exactly the figure you choose.

If you would like to select your own particular figure from the series, do not chose this item, but visit our Sylvanian Families Blind Bags Series Collection here

Sylvanian Families Baby Blind Bags Shopping series

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