Sylvanian Families Beaman Ginger Cat Family

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Sylvanian Families Beaman Ginger Cat Family

Meet the Ginger Cat Family - Larry, Geraldine, Lucille and Boris Beaman. SF 4635

The Beamans are always on the go in Sylvania. Father Larry likes to keep active and enjoys playing rugby, but he is also partial to a bit of cake from the Blackcurrant Café.

Mother Geraldine is has good manners and is very well turned out. She likes to make sure her children are always polite and presentable.

Sister Lucille is calm and relaxed. She doesn't like to be rushed and enjoys taking things slowly.

Brother Boris is a very shy and quiet cat.

Suitable for children aged four years and up, this lovely family of four would make a perrrfect addition to any Sylvanian collection.

Flair SF 4635