Sylvanian Families Beautician Set - pre-owned

Sylvanian Families Beautician Set - pre-owned

Sylvanian Families - Retired

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Sylvanian Families Beautician Set -  SF 4847 - pre-owned

Perfect for the staff at the Beauty Salon, this set includes a beautician's outfit, a trolley and a selection of beauty accessories

This gorgeous little pre-owned Beautician set is perfectly complete. Every last little piece is present and there are over 25 pieces in the set. It comes with hair rollers, hair scissors, bowls and bottles and all kinds of hair salon accessories. Too cute!

The set is in immaculate and perfect condition and comes with it's original box too.

Images of the actual set, and of the box are included here, alongside stock images of scenes which appear on the box, depicting the set in use at the Sylvanian hair salon. There is a lovely uniform which comes in 2 pieces, but this set doesn't come with a figure. The uniform can be placed on whichever figure you choose to work in the salon.

See the image of the back of the box which shows the complete contents of this set. 

Beautician set with beauty pampering products

  • Pink Beautican outfit for a Sylvanian to wear
  • Beauty products are stored on a movable trolley
  • Allows every Sylvanian to be pampered once in a while  

    Flair UK - 2009 - This is quite a hard to find set now and quite collectible.

    Smaller items have been packaged into a small ziplock bag to keep them together, otherwise they can fall out of the insert packaging.

    Please note that some of the accessories are very tiny and probably would not be suitable for young children's play

    Suitable for age 6+

    Figures not included.