Sylvanian Families Beverley Goes to School Family life series

Sylvanian Families Beverley Butterglove Goes to School

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families Beverley Butterglove Goes to School  - Family Life 4301 - now a hard to find set.

This is a PRE-OWNED set, however in as new condition. Some of the contents of set have never been opened. Previously owned by a collector. 

Beverley Butterglove loves school, especially on Thursdays when she has her art class.

Interesting point to note: The Butterglove Rabbit family have never been released as a full family but only in individual sets with accessories (such as this set) The Butterglove rabbit figures bear the distinctive feature of one bent ear.

This lovely set from the 2001 Sylvanian Families Family Life Series depicts Beverley Butterglove rabbit and her school art classes. Each of the Family Life sets focus on a particular figure (several of them from the Butterglove Rabbit family) engaging in an activity that they enjoyed. In this case Beverley's activity is school art lessons.

This set has been previously owned by a collector. The items themselves are immaculate and like new in the box. As far as I'm aware all pieces of the set are present and in excellent as new condition. Do note, however, that there is some wear on the box exterior, ie one box flap is a little bent with a slight tear in the carboard and there is some aging wear on the box.  


 1 x figure

1 x school satchel

1 x art slate board

1 x Paint box with 2 x paint brushes

1 x paint brush holder

1 x paint palette

Condition: Pre-owned set in excellent condition, as new

Box: There is some wear on the box, and a slight tear in one box flap. See images that show this

SF 4301

Flair UK - 2001 release. - Exclusive to the Family Life in Sylvania Series.

This set is now very hard to find.

Age 3+ due to small pieces