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Sylvanian Families Birthday Party Set - Vintage collectible

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families Birthday Party Set - SF 4442 - from 2011

Please note: This is a PREOWNED set, which is near complete and in excellent condition. Stickers, boxes, paper items etc are still unopened, unused, so this is like a brand new set. Please note the tiny scratch on the Girl cat's ear and also on the pink balloon and two tiny drinking cups are missing from the set (see close up image)

This lovely birthday party set comes with 2 figures, Glynn and Gwendolynne Simpkins  from the Simpkins cat family. It was first released in 2011 and is now retired from production. 

The Simpkins cat family are another of those Sylvanian Families who were never released as a full family, but each member comes in it's own accessories set, such as this birthday party set. 

Are the Sylvanian kids ready for the best birthday party ever. This set gives you decorations, balloons, paper items such as boxes, cards and the best ever birthday cake on a large tray. with removeable candles. Also included are 2 bottles of drink (2 tiny drinking glasses are missing)

Condition: Pre-owned but in excellent condition. (Except tiny scratch on sister's ear and on 1 balloon) Everything else is as new in packaging, however two tiny cups are missing from the accessories.

Suitable for age 3+ due to tiny pieces

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