Sylvanian Families Birthday Present Shopping Set - Hard to Find

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Birthday Present Shopping Set - SF 4319

A Brand new vintage set

Back in 2003 when the first Sylvanian Families Bramble Department Store launched, Flair the Sylvanian distributors of the time released a number of shopping related "Family Life in Sylvania sets."

This is one of these sets from 2003, which includes Katy Norwood in this adorable birthday present shopping set. Katy belongs to the brown Norwood mouse family who had been released earlier. 

Condition: Brand new.

Box: Slight aging on the exterior of the 2003 set box. There is a sticker tear where a price sticker has been removed and small tear where cellotape has been removed from the opening tab.

Suitable for age 4+ due to tiny pieces.

Flair UK - 2003 - SF 4319

This is now a very collectible and hard to find set. 

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