Sylvanian Families Blind Bags Baby Magical Series - Purchase all 8

Sylvanian Families Blind Bags Baby Magical Series - Purchase all 8

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families  Baby Magical Series #6 in Australia
BUY ALL 8 at once!
(Please note that these have been unsealed to check which item and resealed)
Now Sylvanian Families have introduced their own series of blind bags!
And we're loving it! 
These are a limited edition set - released this year only.
There are 8 Sylvanian Families babies that come with either their cute costume or an accessory - all magical themed.
Perfect to add to your Sylvanian nursery, to add an extra baby to a family that you already have, or just as a cute collectible alone.
Also an ideal set to add to your Halloween in Sylvania.
There are 8 different sets to collect, swap and trade with your friends to complete your entire baby magical series:

1. Breeze Chocolate Rabbit with spell book
2. Gloria Midnight Cat in witch costume
3. Reggie Midnight Cat in witch costume
4. Justin Caramel Dog with wizard's staff
5. Mia Cakebread Poodle with broomstick
6. Henry Periwinkle Milk Rabbit with cauldron
7. Dash Kennelworth Dalmatian with magic lamp
8. Mystery eight figure to collect!

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Sylvanian Families Blind Bag Collection

Being Blind Bags, usually these items are sealed and a mystery. You buy one, but don't know which one you'll end up with. If you wish to do this we have Sylvanian Families Mystery Blind Bags available too.
But we've also made it possible to buy all 8 at once.
Please note that these blind bags have been opened to check which band members it contains and resealed. This is because it's impossible to tell which member it contains otherwise.
Or if you are looking for a specific blind bag figure to complete your collection you will find them here -

Condition: Brand new
Packaging: Unsealed to check contents and resealed with tape.
Age 3+

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