Sylvanian Families Breakfast Set

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Breakfast Set - SF 5024

Needing extra food accessories for your Sylvanian Famlies. This set is just perfect. It includes crockery as well as food items, bread and fruit in a basket. 

The highlight of this set for me is the peeled banana! Too cute! These are tiny details that makes the world of Sylvania so wonderful and life-like!

And a very close runner-up would be the pancake maker with a lid that lifts up and closes and a bunny-shaped pancake that can be placed in it or removed.

This beautiful breakfast set will brighten any Sylvanian kitchen. The waffle maker will make any breakfast spread special, with all the accessories useful for everyday.

Ages 4+ years.

Contains over 20 small accessory pieces.

Figures are not included in the cute set, but you're welcome to browse our 
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