Sylvanian Families SF 4502 Conductor Bus Driver set

Sylvanian Families Bus Conductor Set - NEW in!

Discontinued Item - Rare

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Sylvanian Families Bus Driver and Conductor.

Sylvania's Bus Conductors: Olive and Stan Bearbury - SF 4502 - BNIB

Sylvania's new bus company takes over the transport network this week. This set features Olive and Stan, the driver and conductor, wearing their Woodland Bus Company uniforms. Also includes ticket machine for Olive to issue fares with, and a thermos and packed lunch for Stan to eat on his long journeys.

Please note - the original price sticker has been removed from this vintage item, which may leave a slight sticker residue on the outside of the box where the price tag has been.

Hard to find brand new item.

UK Flair release

Suitable for age 3+

Please note, there is a slight indent on the back of Bear's head, likely where the cap has left an indent mark.