Sylvanian Families Camping Set SF 4224 vintage

Sylvanian Families Camping Set - Vintage

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Camping Set - SF 4224

Brand new in the box, this Camping set is s vintage hard-to-find set. 

Over 15 pieces


1 x green tent

1 x campfire set

2 x stools

1 x kettle

Several camping crockery items such as plates, spoons, bowls.

See image taken of the side of the box which display all items included.

No figures included in this set. 

Condition: Brand new

Box: In fairly good condition, however please note there is a slight tear where a sticker has been removed. See close up image.

Released mid to late 1990's.

Age 3+