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Sylvanian Families Captain Seadog boat set

Sylvanian Families Captain Seadog and boat

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families Captain Seadog and boat - Flair 2012 edition - not complete and small repair on chest hinge.

This is a pre-owned set, and please note that there are a couple of items missing (2 plates from the "treasure") and as noted below a small repair has been made on the treasure chest hinge. 

CAPTAIN HORATIO SEADOG is a very popular character, with an old blue peaked cap, threadbare sailors uniform and a big smile. Give him the chance and he will sit for hours telling tales of the seven seas! All his stories are of pirates and great adventures, with him cast as the hero. His 'Motley Crew' as he calls them love to spend their weekends sitting in with him hearing the same stories over and over again, not that they are exactly the same!

(The Motley crew were sold separately) Other Seadog/Tan Dog figures were also released in individual sets, but never as a family.

What comes in this set:

Captain Seadog in uniform

A rowboat with 2 oars

A Treasure Chest (please note one hinge has been repaired)

2 plates (there was originally 4, but only 2 are inluded here)

2 candlesticks

A lovely vintage figure set to complete your Sylvanian collection


This is a pre-owned set. Captain Seadog is in excellent condition. There is a little fraying on the underside of his costume.  2 plates are missing from the set

The original box comes with this set, however it does show some wear and aging and dog-eared corners of the box and a few creases.

Repairs note: Please be aware that the Treasure Chest has had a glue repair done on one hinge, which had broken off.  This is slightly visible. Chest lid still fits on and still opens and closes, but will have to be used carefully without applying pressure to the repaired hinge. 

Age 3+

Sylvanian Families 2012 Flair Release edition. 

Vintage and now quite hard to find.

A great additon to the collection!