Sylvanian Families Captain's Crew - Sailor Set - Flair 2003

Sylvanian Families Captain's Crew - Sailor Set - Flair 2003

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families Captains Crew. (please read our detailed description below)

This is a PREOWNED set of the second release of the Captain's River Crew, released by Flair in 2003 - SF 4359

(The original Motley Sailor Crew that were first released by Tomy in UK in 1993)

This adorable, highly collectible Captain's Crew set includes 'The Motley Crew' - First Mate Beaky, Able Seamouse Twitch & Cabin Boy Murky Waters and their buckets and mops. These sailors were released to coincide with Captain Horatio Seadog.

They help the Captain keep everything "shipshape" - working hard with their mops and buckets. The Captain jokingly calls them his "Motley Crew", which they like very much because it makes them sound like swashbuckling pirates!

This is a preowned set and does have a couple of slight defects. If you are requiring a perfect set, this item is likely not for you. From time to time we do have brand new sets arrive, if you prefer brand new.   Please see photographs for detail. First mate Beaky (the baby duck) has a slight dark mark on his stomach. Able Seamouse has a small mark on his cheek and tiny mark on his ear. Apart from these small defects mentioned, the rest of the set is immaculate and complete. All accessories, buckets and brooms are present, as are their sailors costumes and hats, although Murky Waters the Beaver is missing the white bow from the front of his costume.  Please feel free to request further photographs of detail, if required. We want you to be happy with your purchase. 

This is a rare set and hard to find.

Stock images are used to provide images of figures and detailed close up pictures of the figures and box form a part of the description.

The original box does show some signs of wear and age. Notably there is a very tiny tear on the corner flap of the box. There is also a sticker mark from where the original price tag had been peeled off.

Suitable for age 3+

Flair UK 2003 - Ref: 4359

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