Sylvanian Families Ceramic Toilet set - Epoch - K-67

Sylvanian Families Ceramic Toilet set - Epoch

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Ceramic Toilet set - Epoch - K-67

This lovely Epoch Toilet set is styled on the original vintage Ceramic bathrooms from the 1980's. In the mid 2000's Epoch Sylvanian Families in Japan re-released many of the original furniture sets in limited edition. This ceramic toilet set is one of these re-release items.

It comes brand new in the box and even the box is in excellent condition

Although not from the 1980's these sets are around 20 years old and are highly collectible in their own right, being seldom seen these days.  

Contents include:

Ceramic toilet

Toilet wall with handbasin

Toilet roll holder

Bucket with cleaning detergent and brush.

Slippers and mat. 

See image that shows contents of the entire set.

(Figures are not included in this set, but some images on the box show figures as part of the illustration to demonstrate the set)

Condition: brand new

Box: very good condition - very slight aging on box and a slight dent on the front of box.

Epoch Japanese packaging

Mid 2000's release.

Suitable for age 3+