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Sylvanian Families Chihuahua - Individual figures

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Chihuahua Family Dogs figures sold individually
Are you looking for just one member of a Sylvanian family? 
Perhaps a replacement figure to complete your family?
Sylvanian Specialty Store 
is now stocking brand new individual family figures
Here are the Sylvanian Families Chihuahua Family
Choose either Father, Mother, Sister or Brother Chihuahua figure from the drop down box below.
These figures are brand new (removed from a box of brand new figures) to make it possible for you to buy just one figure, rather than a full family
(These brand new items will be placed in cellophane bags. No original box is included)
Age 3+
The full Sylvanian Families Chihuahua Family and Chihuahua twins and babies are also available, as well as many other Sylvanian Families figures in our store collection
Please choose your selection: Each individual figures is $7.90 for either Father, Mother, Brother or Sister Figure