Sylvanian Families Gingerbread Cottage SF5390 Christmas

Sylvanian Families Christmas Gingerbread Cottage - Limited Edition - New in!

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Sylvanian Families Christmas Gingerbread Cottage - SF 5390 - Limited Edition

Christmas set for 2019

How exciting, the latest Sylvanian Families Christmas set has arrived, and how cute it is! This year it's a Gingerbread cottage, along with Marshmallow mouse baby in Santa clothes. What a delight to open this on Christmas morning!

The Gingerbread Playhouse includes a Marshmallow Mouse Baby Santa that can go down the chimney of the cabin-like Gingerbread Playhouse and ride the sled.

The Gingerbread Playhouse and sleigh are designed for use with the Sylvanian Family babies, and goes fabulously with other separately-sold baby figures. It's tons of fun to play with, and makes a fantastic Christmas decoration as well.

Package content --
Santa (Marshmallow Mouse Baby),
Gingerbread Playhouse,
Cookie Sleigh

Sylvanian Families: Christmas Gingerbread-House – Playset

The Sylvanian Families Christmas Gingerbread Playhouse comes with a Gingerbread House with Christmas tree and snowman, a sled for the baby and Marshmallow mouse baby dressed in Santa costume.

1 x baby mouse figure included.

Limited Edition Christmas set - 2019

Suitable for ages 3 & up

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