Sylvanian Families Limited Edition Costume series babies set

Sylvanian Families Costume Babies - 7 sets - PRE-ORDER for July - FREE POSTAGE

Sylvanian Families Limited Edition

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The 35th Anniversary of Sylvanian Families is really bringing us some amazing limited edition sets.  Here is a special offer to purchase ALL SEVEN of the Limited Edition baby costume sets. They are listed below with details


Due to be released in July - you can pre-order all 7 sets now. This opportunity to pre-order is only open this week. 

FREE POSTAGE on this bundle of 7 sets

FREE POSTAGE on this full set bundle. You are welcome to purchase anything else along with this order and take advantage of the free postage, but do be aware that it will not be until July that all items are posted together in the one parcel. 

What's included in this bundle pack of Limited edition sets:

The Ninja Babies Trio set
The Icecream Cuties Trio set
The Veggie Babies Trio Set
The Bunny and Birdie Costume set
The Bunny and Puppy Costume set
The Kitty and Cub set
The Fairy Tale Friends Set of 7 babies
What is Limited Edition?
Limited edition means that these sets are only released this year for a limited time. There will be other stores in Australia selling these items individually  and we will definitely be selling them invidually here at Sylvanian Specialty Store also. If you prefer to buy just one or two of these, they will be available for purchase in July on our site. 
However, this is an opportunity to purchase all 7 at once and make sure you don't miss out and that you will be certain to complete your set when they arrive in July. This offer is only open this week, as we are required to place our orders for these special items this week.

What is pre-ordering?

Once placing your pre-order and making payment for it, your order is complete and guaranteed.  We will notify you of the sets arrival in July and give you opportunity to add other items before sending. Please note too, that due to Covid shipping times there may be some leeway in the items arrival times, but at this point expected date of arrival is July.
All items will be sent together on arrival of these sets together in July.

Recommended for Age 3+