Sylvanian Families Cottage bathroom set discontinued SF 4260

Sylvanian Families Cottage Bathroom by Flair - older version

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Cottage Bathroom by Flair - SF 4260

This Cottage Bathroom set was from some years ago and has long since been retired (or discontinued from production) 

In many ways there are similarities to today's bathroom sets, but let me point out a few of the difference too from this set from bygone days.

This set contains:

*the original bathroom flooring panel (that the bathtub sits on) which current sets don't have

*The two door bathroom cabinet with potted plant for decoration.

*a stepping stool for the little critters to reach the handbasin

*a toilet roll that with open flap

*a wall shelf with hanging rail underneath to store bottles etc

*colours of various featured items, such as bottles, cups, towels and soap vary from current sets.

Over 35 pieces in this set.

Suitable for age 4+ due to many tiny pieces

Rare set and very hard to find brand new - highly collectible

Condition: Brand new

Box: Some slight storage wear on the edges and tabs of the box. There is a little denting in a couple of places on the box but overall fairly good condition outer packaging. 

This Flair UK edition of the Sylvanian Families Cottage Bathroom set is now very hard to find especially new

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