Sylvanian Families Country Bathroom 5034

Sylvanian Families Country Bathroom - Previous version

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Sylvanian Families Country Bathroom - SF 5034

This is the previous Country Bathroom set (now a discontinued set). It contains some of the same components as the current Bathroom set, but also includes quite a few different pieces, that don't come in the current set)

The Country Bathroom set includes a free-standing bath tub, shower, toilet and two sinks. The detailed accessories include bath toys, cleaning bottles and brushes, a bath tidy, bath mats, mugs and toothbrushes.

Figures are not included. But we do have all kinds of Sylvanian Families figures in store, including many retired and hard to find sets.

This is a previously released set, which is similar to the currently released Sylvanian Families Bathroom set, but this older set has extra accessories in it, such as the divider wall and various other bathroom accessories.

Age 3+

Brand new. Comes in the older version of packaging.

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