Sylvanian FAmilies Baby Crib with mobile

Sylvanian Families Crib with mobile - 2021 RELEASE

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Baby Crib with Mobile to fit the triplets (Figures are not included in this set, but can be purchased separately.

The latest nursery room addition in Sylvania! This gorgeous little crib set is designed to fit the triplet babies or 2 single babies, so it will be handy addition to any Sylvanian baby-filled household!

This adorable cot sleeps either three newborn triplets side-by-side, or single babies. The drop side can be put down for ease of getting in and out for your toddlers, and there are drawers underneath for storing spare blankets and bedding.

Turn the flower dial on the side of the cot and the colourful mobile will turn round and round, sending your babies off into a dream-filled sleep.

Figures not included.

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