Sylvanian Families Dappledawn Rabbit Family preowned

Sylvanian Families Dappledawn Rabbit Family

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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Sylvanian Families Dappledawn Rabbit Family

This is a pre-owned family. See full description of figures below

This lovely little family, the Dappledawn Rabbit Family were released initally in 1995 and later had a re-release in 2010. This family is most likely from the second release. They are sometimes known as the Fawn Rabbit Family too, due to their fawn brown colouring. 

All are wearing their correct originally released clothing.

Please note that this is a pre-owned and played with family and does bear some signs of playwear. Most notably is Mother Rabbit figure, who had slightly thinning flocking on one side of her cheek and a dark mark showing slightly through the flocking on the other side of her cheek. These are shown in images. Also Father and Brother figure do have some wear on the tips of their ears, as seen in pictures. These are sold as seen. If you are a collector who likes to collect perfect and pristine items, these are likely not for you, but will make a great little addition to someone's collection as this family is no longer produced.

Age 3+

The Dappledawn Family Biography:

Father Herbage Dappledawn is the instigator in the family for going on long walks in what he calls 'The Great Outdoors'. In fact, his family call him 'Big Foot' because he takes such big strides that the children almost have to run in order to keep up with him! Country walks turn into Country Runs whenever you go out with Herbage. When he is at home, he can't keep still and goes and organises the sports activity classes for all the Sylvanian children.

Mother Theodora Dappledawn has a passion for anything old. Herbage always jokes with her that's why she married him! Family life apart, her favourite past time is visiting stately homes and historic monuments. She spends a lot of time visiting Bertram Bamboo and his Sylvanian museum and reads lots of history books in Bob Catwood's Library. Theodora likes to trace family trees and always gets very excited if she finds a Sylvanian who is a distant relation to royalty! She enjoys taking the children on local history trips from school, showing them all the ancient monuments in Sylvania. Theodora makes up brilliant stories about Sylvanian ancestors and all the children really think she brings 'history to life'.

Brother Radish Dappledawn always runs everywhere. He enjoys history too but the sort of sword fights and battles. He can often be seen pretending to be a gallant knight rescuing fair maidens and challenging other knights to duels. His favourite pastime is orienteering and has already encouraged Scott Corntop, Bubba Babblebrook and Rusty Wildwood amongst others to join him running in the woods looking for secret spots with the aid of a map and compass.

Sister Tilly Dappledawn is just the opposite of her brother. She is very quiet and happily spends hours and hours painting and creating wonderful pictures of the Sylvanian countryside. While her brother is running about in the woods, Tilly enjoys sitting at her easel and painting to her heart's content. During the winter, Tilly loves to knit by the fireside. Everyone in her family is always well clad with jumpers and scarves to keep the cold out.


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