Sylvanian Families - Dr Murdoch and accessories. - SF 3012 - Tomy

Sylvanian Families Doctor Murdoch and accessories - Tomy

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families - Dr Murdoch and accessories. - SF 3012 - Tomy

This is a pre-owned set, however the accessories are still in their original plastic packaging and unopened, as new. 

This is the original 1992 Dr Murdoch and accessories set, which was released in UK. Dr Murdoch senior is very kind to everyone and always shows extra patience to his patients! His favourite medicine is an apple - because he says - "an apple a day keeps illness at bay, but you'll never keep old 'Doc' away!"

He's a real favourite in Sylvania. 

You will notice that Dr Murdoch is in what is known as "big bear mold", that is, bigger than most of the other Sylvanian Families figures. This was the case with Bears amongst the early Sylvanian releases, when a figures size corresponded to it's size in real life, ie, the Bears were made bigger, the ducks and owls made small, etc etc.  In the 1990's this changed and all figures became a regulated size. 

What comes in this set:

Well, the wonderful Doc Murdoch, of course, in his Doctor's uniform. Also a white first aid box that opens and his trust black medical bag. There is an assortment of medical accessories too (unopened in sealed packaging) which includes a mask, glasses, some bottles, tweezers and books. 

A lovely vintage figure set to complete your Sylvanian collection


Please note: This set is in immaculate condition, however it must be noted that there is a slight indent mark on the back of Doctor Murdoch's head. I have added several photos of this, which form a part of the description.

The original box comes with this set, however it does show some wear and aging. Also the original collector's token from the inside flap of the box has been removed by a previous collector.

Age 3+

Tomy Sylvanian Families 

Vintage and now quite hard to find.