Sylvanian Families Bubblebrook Elephant family of 3

Sylvanian Families Elephant Family of 3 - New Arrival!

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Elephant Family of 3 figures. - SF 5376

A 3-figure set containing the Elephant father, mother and baby.

The Bubblebrook Elephant Family have arrived in store and want to say Hello!

Here's a little introduction to them....

Father Mitchell loves to sleep. Often before he even realizes it he's snoring away. He grows strawberries and looks forward to watering them every day.

Mother Rianne loves to eat! She exercises as much as she eats, so she is always hungry.

Son Hilton always says, "Try everything! Go everywhere!" He wants to do everything grown ups do and loves to play tag.

A comment for Collector's....

How are these different from the Sylvanian Trunk Elephant family of 4?

It is worth noting that this family of 3 are different to the Family of 4. Notable differences are that these are one-tone colouring. (The family of 4 have pink inside their ears, on their noses, trunk end etc. This family of 3 are all grey and a lighter shade of grey than the Trunk Family.  The shape of their head is also different)   The Family of 3 sets usually come with parents and a baby (no older sibling) 

3 figure poseable family set with mother, father & baby. Parents' outfits feature a pretty matching leaf motif. 

This set consists of 3 x figures. Other figures, accessories or background items are not included, but only in images to help demonstrate this product. 

Epoch UK edition with flat hands.

Also available in store are the Family of 3 Sunny Rabbit's, and the Family of 3 Polar bears.

Ages: 3+

Epoch Sylvanian Families branded
We also stock the Elephant Family of 4 if you are looking for that version. You will find them here in our Current Catalogue items collection which features a great variety of families. 

Ages: 3+

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