Sylvanian Families Baby Ferries Wheel Fairground Series

Sylvanian Families Baby Ferris Wheel - Fairground Series

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Baby Ferris Wheel - Brand New item from the Sylvanian Families Fairground Series. 

Sylvanian little ones can't wait until the Fair comes to the Village town square. There's always the Baby Ferris Wheel, a fun ride that 3 babies at a time can ride on. Just turn the handle to rotate the Baby Ferris Wheel.

The Baby Teacup ride is also available separately, to complete your Sylvanian village fair ground.

  • Figures not included 
  • Flair UK release 2006
  • Please note: this brand new vintage item has slight wear on the exterior of the box carton  due to age and storage, notably a mark where the original price sticker had once been removed

    Collectible - Hard to Find.

    Suitable for age 3+

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