Sylvanian Families Fashion series F-10 Jp exclusive rare

Sylvanian Families Fashion Series - Knit costumes - JP exclusive

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Fashion series F-10 Japan exlcusive - Rare

This is a rare find. This little set belongs to the Japanese exclusive Fashion Series line from 2004. There was a whole series of little costume pieces released in similar "shop window" type boxes in the same year. This is one of those little sets.

It includes 2 store mannequin stands, 2 knit outfits, a matching hat, a bag, and a framed picture of two Sylvanians dressed in these outfits. Please note that no figures are included in the set.

Condition: Brand new sealed and in excellent condition.

No figures included. This is a fashion costume set only.

Highly collectible and super rare to find.


Age 4+

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