Sylvanian Families Fashion Series - Presentation Costumes - JP exclusive - RARE

Sylvanian Families Fashion Series - Presentation Costumes - JP exclusive - RARE

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Fashion series F-09 Japan exlcusive - Rare

This is a rare find. This little set belongs to the Japanese exclusive Fashion Series line from 2004. There was a whole series of little costume pieces released in similar "shop window" type boxes in the same year. This is one of those little sets. The dresses are displayed on "display manequins"

This set is referred to The Presentation Set (translated from the Japanese name for it), likely meaning costumes for a music presentation. There is a violin in this set, along with two dresses for figures to wear while performing. Here is a picture below that appears on the side of the box, depicting figures wearing the costumes and the violin. (Note that figures are not included, but costumes and shoes can be worn by any similar size Sylvanian figure)

Please note that no figures are included in the set.

What is included in this set?

2 x costumes

2 x pairs of shoes

2 x mannequins 

1 x violin and it's bow

A framed picture of two figures wearing the costumes at a concert.

Condition: Brand new sealed and in excellent condition. The box tabs do bear some slight signs of age and wear, but overall in good condition.  The writing on the box in is Japanese, as this is a Sylvanian Families Epoch Japanese released set.

No figures included. This is a fashion costume set only.

Highly collectible and super rare to find.


Age 4+

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