Sylvanian Families Floral Armchairs - Vintage - Revival

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Green Armchairs with Floral fabric - Brand new in box (box is somewhat aged - read description below)

When we see green Sylvanian Families Furniture we often think 1980's original Sylvanian Families furniture. However when Epoch Sylvanian Families in Japan celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2005, there was a Revival release of green furniture and other sets modelled on the original 1980's Tomy furniture.

This set is a 20th Annniversary Revival set, a re-release of the Green Floral Armchair set. 

Note the pink 20th Anniversary sticker on the box denotiing that this is a Revival set.

These Revival sets were a limited release, so are often more difficult to find that the original Tomy sets which were readily available in the 1980's.

Conditon: Item is brand new condition

Box: The box does bear some heavy age wear and discolouration, especially marked where a sticker has been originally removed. See close up image which forms a part of the description. If you are a collector who values immaculate boxes, then this item is likely not for you. 

K-09 - Epoch - 2005 20th Anniversary release. Japanese packaging.

Suitable for age 3+

Collectible - Rare